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Dongguan Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of high wear-resistant boron carbide nozzles for more than ten years. It is one of the early companies engaged in the production and sales of sandblasting machine accessories. It has developed into a powerful manufacturer integrating the production and sales of automatic sandblasting machines, dry sandblasting machines, wet water sandblasting machines, shot blasting machines, sandblasting wear-resistant materials and related sandblasting machine accessories. Including: production and sales of high-pressure water sandblasting machines, high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment, dry sandblasting machines, shot blasting machines, sandblasting rooms, sandblasting wear-resistant materials and related sandblasting and shot blasting machine accessories; including: boron carbide Nozzles, sandblasting guns, sandblasting suits, sandblasting helmets, thermostats, sandblasting pipes, etc.; custom-made special-shaped nozzles are available, including: walnut sand, resin sand, plastic pellets, glass beads, brown corundum, ceramic beads, steel sand , steel shot and other abrasives.

Features and advantages of sandblasting machines and accessories produced by Dongguan Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.:

(1) It has an excellent level in the same industry in China, with excellent performance, reliability and stability;

(2) The materials used are exquisite, the raw materials are excellent, and the service life is high. We do not make low-cost products, we only make high-quality products;

(3) Universal products with common specifications and sizes, which can be applied to equipment of major sandblasting machine manufacturers, and can be connected flexibly;

(4) Moderate price, quality assurance, free return and exchange.

(5) We provide technical support, free introduction, recommendation, and transformation of customer's old, old, and difficult-to-use old equipment. Only the cost of accessories is charged, and no transformation fee is charged.

(6) We have an extensive technical network and production network in the same industry circle, including on-site users of scientific research departments of various universities and large-scale anti-corrosion construction units, and feedback professional experience and technology. Sand blasting machine and shot blasting machine are new surface treatment equipment, especially environmentally friendly water sand blasting equipment is widely used in ships, steel structures, machinery, locks, electronic clocks, glasses, hardware tools, molds, glass, ceramics, Arts and crafts, medical equipment and other industries. It can replace pickling, remove rust, oxide layer and passivation of metal; it can remove oxide scale, residue and burr of casting blank, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment and machined parts; glass, stone, ceramic tile three-dimensional carving, Spraying and other processes; it has a beautiful effect of imitating alloy on the surface of clocks, glasses and other decorative objects; it is currently an ideal surface processing and treatment equipment.

Feature Summary:

1. The surface of the object is cleaned, decontaminated and rusted, and regenerated.

2. Surface beautification, modification, atomization and soft treatment.

3. Remove burrs, burrs, and stress relief.

4. The object is pretreated to increase the adhesion.

5. Object surface etching, lettering books, etc.

6. All kinds of metal and non-metal materials are suitable for use.

Dongguan Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an early batch of manufacturers of sandblasting machine accessories, with a history of more than ten years of brand growth. The company began to specialize in sandblasting processing and sales of various sandblasting materials and accessories in 2007. It is an entity marketing center integrating production and sales. In recent years, the company has used a multi-channel sales promotion model to become a Tmall Taobao supplier online, and now a large number of dealers in the same industry buy wholesale goods in order to expand the production scale, reduce production costs, and give back to customers. At the same time, we continue to update stable high-quality products, internal management and perfect after-sales service, focusing on the development of professional anti-corrosion sandblasting technology application enterprises, with high wear-resistant boron carbide nozzles, sandblasting guns and Meijun's characteristic safety-guaranteed self-releasing pressure mobile The type sand blasting machine has won the support and praise of large-scale demand enterprises such as oil construction industry, steel structure, anti-corrosion construction enterprises, airports, terminals, airports, etc., so that our product sales cover civil and military industries, and some products are sold in Hong Kong, Austria, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe and America.

The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Technology First, Quality Prosperity, Service Continuity", and takes "integrity and truth-seeking" as the foundation of operation, to provide you with high-quality products and excellent services. Except for consumables

● One-year free warranty for machinery and equipment (excluding wearing parts), lifetime maintenance of products, and free technical guidance;

● Provide professional consulting services for product updates and function improvements;

● Long-term inventory of surface treatment equipment and product parts to meet the needs of users to repair and replace parts.

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