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    【Origin Pic】

    Boron carbide nozzle 60MM long sandblasting nozzle

    60mm long boron carbide nozzle:

    Sandblasting hole inner diameter Φ(5-12mm) nozzle diameter 20mm nozzle length 60mm standard specification, nozzle sheath rib can be customized

    The standard is 1.5MM pitch (fine rib) 2.0MM pitch (coarse rib)
    Dongguan Humen Meijun Sandblasting Equipment Boron Carbide Nozzle Features:

    Compared with other companies' products, we guarantee:

    1) High temperature sintered boron carbide products, high hardness, high toughness, high wear resistance, long life;

    2) The appearance is neat and clean.

    3) The outer circle and inner hole have a high round rate;

    4) It is guaranteed to be sintered from pure boron carbide

    micropowder, and it is pure boron carbide without any other materials.
    Hot-pressing high-temperature furnace sintered boron carbide nozzle has the same performance as boron carbide:

    The cross section is a spiral radial pattern, and the basic shape of the nozzle is a cylinder and a cone. It is difficult to make special-shaped and stepped shapes.

    1) Extremely hard and wear-resistant

    2) No reaction with acid and alkali

    3) High and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance

    4) Density≥2.46g, cm3;

    5) Microhardness≥3500kgf/mm2;

    6) Bending strength≥400Mpa;

    7) Melting point is 2450℃.

    Boron carbide nozzle, 60mm sandblasting nozzle

    Boron carbide nozzle, 60mm sandblasting nozzle

    Due to the above characteristics of wear resistance and high hardness of boron carbide nozzles, boron carbide sandblasting nozzles have gradually replaced known cemented carbide in industries that require wear resistance

    Sandblasting nozzles for tungsten steel and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia and other materials.

    Estimated nozzle life: 800 hours (reference)

    Boron carbide nozzles are 5-10 times more effective than tungsten steel nozzles!

    Nozzle material

    Reference service life under different blasting media

    glass beads/hour

    Quartz sand/hour

     Brown corundum/hour

    Alumina Ceramic Nozzle




    Carbide tungsten steel nozzle




    High temperature sintered boron carbide nozzle




    Sandblasting nozzle, carbon nozzle, boron carbide nozzle Boron carbide nozzle

    60mm long sandblasting nozzle picture:

    Sandblasting nozzle, carbon nozzle, boron carbide nozzle

    Boron carbide nozzle

    ●Regular stock specifications:

    Outer Diameter 20MM Series: Inner DiameterΦ(1.05-12)*Outer

    Diameter 20MM*Length 35/45/50/60/80/82MM

    Outer Diameter 15MM Series: Inner DiameterΦ(1.05-10)*Outer

    Diameter 15/16MM*Length 35/40/55MM

    Outer Diameter 28MM Series: Inner DiameterΦ10/12/14mm*Outer

    Diameter 28MM*Length 75/80M

    ● Nozzle of unconventional special type:

    According to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers, we welcome you to customize the drawings.

    Characteristics of boron carbide material:

    Boron carbide is one of the hardest man-made materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, semiconductor properties, absorption of neutrons, high grinding efficiency, and no reaction with strong acids and alkalis.

    The Mohs hardness is 9,36, the microhardness is 5400-6300 kg per square meter, the density is 2.52 kg per square meter, the melting point is 2450 degrees Celsius,

    Boron carbide is hexagonal dark black. Due to the above

    characteristics and properties, boron carbide is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields.

    Abrasives can be made to process gemstones, ceramics, bearings, used as refractory materials in various fields of metallurgy,
    Dongguan Humen Meijun sandblasting equipment "Magin" brand boron carbide blasting nozzle adopts high purity Hard material, with high-fine, high-purity and ultra-fine boron carbide powder

    As raw material, it is produced by hot pressing and high temperature sintering technology. The product fully considers the needs of many manufacturers for high nozzle life, and is continuously improved.

    After many large-scale glass

    Glass deep processing, electronic manufacturing, hardware die-casting and other enterprise applications have truly achieved a balance of cost performance and are well received by manufacturers. The products have been stably supplied to Hong Kong and Taiwan
    Region and Southeast Asia, and obtained a certain amount of sales in Europe and the United States, with the trust of many customers!

    The customer base is sandblasting machinery factory, shipyard, ship maintenance, marine engineering equipment factory, hardware
    processing factory, glass deep processing, solar energy industry, light
    Photovoltaic industry, wind power industry, automobile industry, IT manufacturing, petroleum industry, mold and flower factory, die-casting factory, wheel factory, chip factory, hardware factory,
    Spraying plants, oxidation plants, electroplating plants and other enterprises with large demand for sandblasting machine accessories

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