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    Sandblasting machine control foot switch

    Electronically controlled foot switch:
    1) One-stage: step down, the power is turned on, the sandblasting work starts, the foot leaves, and the sandblasting work stops, with a power saving function, the disadvantage is that frequent stepping makes the operator tired and easy to wear the switch.
    2) Two-stage type: step down, the power is turned on, the sandblasting work starts, the foot is off, and the sandblasting work continues. Step down again, and the sandblasting machine stops sandblasting. Suitable for objects with longer blasting time
    The use method of the electronically controlled foot switch is to use it in series with the solenoid valve. It plays the role of controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, thereby controlling the switch of the main air source of the sandblasting machine.
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