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    Open Sandblaster Accessories

    Dongguan Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Subordinate: Dongguan Humen Meijun Sandblasting Equipment Store)

    It is one of the early companies engaged in the production and sales of sandblasting machinery equipment and sandblasting machine accessories, boron carbide sandblasting nozzles, sandblasting The source production and research and development manufacturer of guns, sandblasting machines and sandblasting machine accessories, with 15 years of industry production history.

    After more than ten years of development, the company has now developed into a collectionSand blasting machine, blasting room​Shot blasting machine, sandblasting wear-resistant material and relatedSandblasting machine accessoriesA comprehensive sandblasting industry manufacturer that integrates production and sales, serving many peers

    The source wholesale enterprise of sandblasting machine accessories and consumables.

    Including: dry blasting room, water blasting room, spraying room, spraying room exhaust gas treatment equipment production and construction;

    Including: water blasting equipment, high pressure water cleaning equipment, dry blasting machine, shot blasting machine, blasting room, sand blasting Production and sales of wear-resistant materials and related accessories for sandblasting and shot blasting machines;

    Including: boron carbide nozzle, blasting gun, blasting suit, blasting helmet, thermostat, blasting pipe, etc.; Customized special-shaped nozzles are available;

    Including: walnut sand, resin sand, plastic particles, glass beads, brown corundum, ceramic beads, steel sand, steel shot and other abrasives

    Sandblasting produced by Dongguan Meijun Sandblasting Equipment   Blast Room Sandblaster accessoriesFeatures and advantages:

    1) High performance, reliable and stable;

    2) The materials are pure and the service life is long. We do not make cheap products, we only make good products;

    3) Universal product, with common specifications and dimensions, can be applied to the equipment of major domestic sandblasting machine manufacturers, and can be connected flexibly;

    4) Affordable price, high quality, free return and exchange.

    5) We provide technical support: free explanation, recommendation, transformation of customer's old, old, and difficult-to-use old equipment, only the cost of accessories is charged, and no transformation fee is charged.

    6) We have extensive technical experience and production experience in the industry, including on-site users of scientific research departments of various universities and large-scale anti-corrosion coating construction units. Feedback

          More valuable experience technology and product usage, to promote continuous improvement and upgrade of products.

     Open sandblasting machines include:

    1) Mobile open-type negative pressure siphon sandblasting machine:

    The main accessories of the siphonic open-type sandblasting machine are: sandblasting gun, sandblasting nozzle, Sand pipe, pneumatic control switch, pressure regulating valve, water filter

    Open negative pressure sandblasting machine

    2) Pressure-type mobile open-type sandblasting machine

    The main accessories of the pressure-type mobile sandblasting machine are: pneumatic control system, sandblasting gun (single air inlet, double air blasting machine) air inlet, small pressure sandblasting gun), sandblasting gun connector, sand pipe quick connector, sandblasting protective clothing, etc.

    Pneumatic control system: including automatic exhaust valve, pneumatic control switch, rubber core I-shaped seat, pneumatic control sand control valve, thickened sand outlet tee, air shut-off valve and other sandblasting machine accessories; 

    Sandblaster accessories

     Pressure Blast Machine Accessories

    Single air blast gun,Double air blast gun,sand pipe quick coupling, Sand tank joint, adapter, small pressure sandblasting gun, air-controlled sand control valve, manual sand control valve, air-controlled switch,

    sand tee , 45 degree sand outlet three-way, four-way, air shut-off valve, sand control valve, automatic exhaust valve, high-pressure connecting air pipe, three-way air shut-off valve, etc..< /span>

    CLEMCOClaremont Pressure Sandblaster Accessories

    CLEMCO pneumatic shakeout valve 04319, CLEMCO intake valve TLR-1995, CLEMCO automatic exhaust valveTLR-3371, CLEMCOexhaust valve filter, etc.

    Sand control valve and pneumatic control valve

    Small manual butterfly sand control valve, 2 inch port manual sand valve, 2 inch port pneumatic Control sand valve, Thomson sand valve, American M brand sand control valve, CLEMCO pneumatic shakeout valve, C3 air control sand valve, normally open air control sand control valve, etc.


    Blast Hose/Blast Suit/Blast Helmet/Respiratory Filter Protection/Quick Connector

    Blast Hose/Quick Connector

    Inner Diameter13MM*Outer Diameter23-25MMFiber Line Sand Tube

    Inner Diameter19MM*Outer Diameter28/32MMFiber Wire Sand Tube

    Inner Diameter25MM*Outer Diameter40/50MM2Layers Wound 5-7 Layer Sandwich Sand Pipe

    Sand tube quick connector (long grab), sand gun connector, sand tank connector, adapter

    Sandblasting suits and respiratory filtration systems:

    Sandblasting headgear, blasting protective clothing, blasting helmet, activated carbon breathing filter, blasting suit breathing air temperature regulator, blasting particle gloves, hand cover, < /span>

    Special sand valve accessories:
    1) American M brand air-controlled sand control valve: rubber core I-shaped seat - plays the role of controlling the size of the sand output, the sand output is smooth, and the control is sensitive.
          Adhesive, durable.
     Air-controlled sand control valve - used in conjunction with rubber core I-shaped seat, the main replacement wear parts are film and valve inner spring, easy to disassemble, made of wear-resistant rubber, durable and cheap;
    Automatic exhaust valve - automatic control type, sensitive exhaust, easy to use, high safety performance, need to replace the wear parts with film, this film is made of wear-resistant rubber, durable.
    Air shut-off valve - also known as three-way air control valve, its function is to switch and control the main source entering the sandblasting machine, and at the same time distribute air into the bottom sand adjusting valve and the top automatic exhaust valve. The main replacement parts are film, using Made of wear-resistant rubber, sensitive control;