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    【Origin Pic】

    Butterfly manual sand control valve H001

    Sand adjustment valve-manual sand adjustment valve-pressure sandblasting machine accessories-sand lower valve-sand discharge valve-butterfly sand adjustment valve-small sand adjustment valve

    Meijun No.:H001

    Small butterfly manual sand adjustment valve

    Zhaoshun manual sand control valve small sand blasting tank sand volume control valve

    Top sand inlet thread diameter: DN32MM

    Inlet/sand outlet thread interface: 6 pipes

    Aluminum alloy shell, wear-resistant gasket, easy and flexible installation, small size.

    Sand control valve butterfly type sand control valve manual sand control valve sand control valve H001

    Sand control valveButterfly control valveManual control valveSand control valve H001

    Butterfly sand control valve Manual sand control valve Sand control valve H001

    Suitable for: Pressure blasting machines with small diameter blasting tubes

    1)span style="font-size:16px;">Use sandblasting pipe with inner diameter of 13MM*outer diameter of 29MM

    2) inner diameter19MM*outer diameter 32MM Blast TubeUse.