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    【Origin Pic】

    Imported CLEMCO Claremont Pneumatic Control Globe Valve 1995

    CLEMCO 1995 Brass Intake Valve:

    Bronze exhaust valve, exhaust water filter, air shut-off valve

    Original import,Super lifespan,Some people have used it for more than ten years and have not changed it Through fittings, also known as copper intake valve,stop valve.

    Switch Mode: Normally closed,vertical piston seal valve.

    The main function is to control the main source of entering the sandblasting machine, and at the same time distribute air into the bottom sand adjusting valve and the top automatic exhaust valve.

    Type(Channel Position): Two-way

    Standard: American Standard

    Working temperature: normal temperature

    Material: Copper alloy

    Flow direction: one-way

    Pressure Environment: Low Pressure

    Parts and Accessories: Stem

    Model: 15TLR1995

    Form: Plunger

    Specification:1.5 inch interface

    Brand: CLEMCO

    Applicable medium: air

    Drive mode: Pneumatic

    Shape: Medium

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