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    【Origin Pic】

    Pressure engraving sandblasting machine

    400 type (sand tank diameter 400MM) pressure mobile sandblasting machine (Steel structure processing sandblasting machine rust-removing sandblasting machine steel plate sandblasting oil tank sandblasting machine)

    The series of pressure mobile sandblasting machines are widely used in sandblasting and three-dimensional engraving of glass, marble and other stone materials, sandblasting in shipbuilding, surface treatment and rust removal of steel structures such as bridges, railways, containers, and petrochemical facilities before painting. Anti-corrosion treatment and fancy sandblasting of denim garments.
    1, Compact structure, superior performance, simple and convenient operation.
    2. The design and production of the cylinder body conform to the pressure vessel standard, which is safe and reliable.
    3. Standard common parts are used, which are easy to replace and the cost is lower.
    4. Add instant control function, adopt electric control or pneumatic control, to meet the different needs of customers.
    5. The shell is sandblasted and adopts advanced anti-rust spray paint to prevent rust.
    technical parameter:
    1)Cylinder diameter:400MM
    2)Cylinder height: 1050MM (including feet)
    3)Cylinder volume: 0.2 cubic meters
    4)Rust removal efficiency: 15-35 square hours per hour
    5)clean up level:SA2.5-SA3.0
    6)Air consumption:   greater than or equal to 3 cubic meters per minute
    7)Working pressure: 0.4-0.7 MPa(Mpa)

    Engraving sandblasting machine

    The pressure-type mobile engraving sandblasting machine series products produced by our company fully consider the needs of customers for future upgrades, and can be freely used with sandblasting pipes with an inner diameter of 13MM/19MM/32MM, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and large-scale sandblasting can be performed.

    It can also carry out small-area engraving operations, and is widely used in sandblasting and three-dimensional engraving operations on glass, marble and other stone materials (with a small sandblasting gun with an inner diameter of 5-8MM); shipbuilding sandblasting, bridges, railways, containers, petrochemicals

    Facility and other steel structure surface treatment before painting, rust removal and anti-corrosion treatment and fancy sandblasting for denim clothing (with 8-12MM inner diameter single-inlet/double-inlet large sandblasting gun).


    Pneumatic control system of pressure mobile sandblasting machine

    Pneumatic control system: including automatic exhaust valve, air control switch, rubber core I-shaped seat, air control sand control valve, thickened sand outlet tee, air shut-off valve and other accessories;
    Our company sells related accessories for:
    1)M brand air control sand control valve:
    Rubber core I-shaped seat - plays the role of controlling the amount of sand, the sand is smooth and the control is sensitive, and the wear parts need to be replaced as rubber cores. This rubber core is made of wear-resistant rubber and is durable.
    Air-controlled sand control valve - used with rubber core I-shaped seat, the main replacement parts are film and valve inner spring, easy to disassemble, made of wear-resistant rubber, durable and cheap;
    Automatic exhaust valve - automatic control type, sensitive exhaust, easy to use, high safety performance, need to replace the wear parts with film, this film is made of wear-resistant rubber, durable.
    Air shut-off valve - also known as three-way air control valve, its function is to switch and control the main source entering the sandblasting machine, and at the same time distribute air into the bottom sand adjusting valve and the top automatic exhaust valve. The main replacement parts are film, using Made of wear-resistant rubber, sensitive control;

    2)Manual butterfly-shaped sand control valve: At present, large-scale sandblasting projects use 50-80 meters long sandblasting pipe or use smaller particle sand for sandblasting, or the rubber core in the sand control valve is hardened due to long-term non-use, which often occurs. In the case of sand plugging in the sand pipe, the manual control butterfly-shaped sand control valve is used to produce sand with a 45-degree inclination, which can effectively reduce the sand plugging problem caused by the resistance caused by the vertical sand falling of the ordinary sand valve. Butterfly-shaped sand control valve is a commonly used sand control valve for foreign large-scale engineering sandblasting machines. There is also a Thomson sand control valve with the same effect. Welcome to consult and understand!

    3)Other air control accessories (used for old imported sandblasting machines): American CLEMCO copper intake valve, copper exhaust valve, exhaust water filter,

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