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    Baking soda sandblasting machine environmental protection sandblasting equipment

    Z​Dongguan Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of environmentally friendly, dust-free and harmless sandblasting equipment. The use of baking soda (sodium carbonate) is characterized by strong alkali melting in contact with water and will not produce harmful substances. It is a modern pharmaceutical and food industry. A blast cleaning equipment for surface cleaning More information about this original text To view additional translation information, you must enter the corresponding original text。

    The equipment adopts a stainless steel body, and the soda (sodium carbonate) material is driven by compressed air to clean and refurbish the surface of rust dirt, oxide scale, paint coating, etc.

    The cleaning speed is 10-30 square meters per hour, the effective volume of the equipment body: 0.15 cubic meters, can hold 20KG soda substances, 0.2 cubic meters, can hold 80 kg soda substances, 0.3 cubic meters, can hold 150 kg soda substances, 0.6 cubic meters , can hold 300kg of soda material, the gas source pressure is 0.4-0.8mpa, and the corresponding sandblasting equipment can be selected according to the actual situation on site or under limited conditions.

    The higher the air flow rate, the higher the efficiency.

    The open-type high-pressure soda cleaning equipment produced by our company adopts the principle of pneumatic control to remotely control the start and stop of the machine, the pressure is precisely adjusted, the injection pressure is adjustable and controllable, and the soda spray flow is precisely controlled. It can be used for steel structure renovation and anti-corrosion in large places such as high-speed railway stations, large squares, amusement parks, indoors, etc. It can be used for surface cleaning of some mechanical parts, surface cleaning of decorations, artworks, and sculptures. No sand remains after sandblasting cleaning. (Soda substance, scientific name: sodium carbonate), with a wide range of applications.