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    【Origin Pic】

    350 export mobile sandblasting machine

    Dongguan Meijun Automation produces a 350-type export-style pressurized sandblasting machine. Due to its small size, it is easy to move and the required air compressor power is not high. It can be used with 11kw.

    This export pressurized sandblasting machine is customized according to customer requirements. It adopts the principle of pneumatic control. There is a pneumatic control switch through two control air pipes, which follow the length of the sandblasting pipe to the position of the sandblasting gun head.

    The length of the air pipe can be matched according to the length of the blasting pipe. When the compressed air is connected, the ball valve switch is turned on, and then hold the blasting gun head and aim at the workpiece to be blasted.

    Press the air control switch to blast sand, so that it can be far away from the sand blasting machine and can be started and stopped remotely. After releasing the air control switch, the air source tank is cut off and the tank is automatically exhausted.

    At this time, workers can add abrasive sand