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    【Origin Pic】

    Acrylic glass sandblasted matte effect

    Acrylic sandblasting, glass sandblasting, plastic sandblasting to remove water lines, sandblasting matte effect

    Dongguan Humen Meijun Sandblasting Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in sandblasting processing, with its own manual machines, burrs, roller machines, conveying plane sandblasting machines, pressure sandblasting machines, etc. 15 sets and sandblasting rooms, undertake the following sandblasting Processing:
    Such as: hardware derusting, aluminum alloy sandblasting, glass sandblasting (matte effect), plastic sandblasting (deburring), acrylic sandblasting (matte effect), PC, PS surface treatment, resin surface treatment, telephone case Surface treatment, casting workpiece sandblasting, zinc alloy sandblasting (rough surface), stainless steel (large workpiece) material sandblasting, stone material sandblasting, hardware removal paint, hardware removal welding scar, shot blasting, crystal spray pattern, etc.< br>
    The use of sandblasting machine and sandblasting materials:
    1. Surface Finishing:
    Metal oxide skin, carbide black skin, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, ceramic surface black spot and color removal or color painting regeneration. Removal of oxides, residues or release agents from gravity die casting molds, rubber molds,
    2. Beautification processing
    Decorative processing of various metal products and matte or matte treatment of various gold, K gold jewelry and precious metal products. Crystal, glass, poly, acrylic and other non-metallic matte processing and can make the surface of processed objects into metallic luster.
    2. Etching
    jade, crystal, manao, gemstone, impression, elegant stone, antique, marble tombstone, stone, stone
    3. Pre-processing
    Electroplating, painting, rubber, plastic cladding, rubber drum (ROLLER), Teflon, PU, ​​metal spray welding, titanium plating, etc. before treatment to increase surface adhesion
    4. Deburring
    Etching Art for Head Stamps, Ceramics, Wood, Bamboo Pieces, etc.
    Surface finishing treatment of burrs on bakelite products, glue, zinc-aluminum die-casting products, electronic parts or other parts, etc.
    5. Stress relief processing
    Aerospace, national defense, precision industry parts, cleaning, rust removal, paint and matte removal, refurbishment and other stress relief processing
    6. Electronic parts processing
    Matte surface and etching of silicon wafers, removal of backside of wafers, spraying of overflowing burrs for electronic parts packaging, removal of printing on the surface of finished products, cleaning of ceramic electric heating
    7. Mold processing
    Sandblasting of mold surface, mold bite and matte surface treatment, increase the adhesion of mold covered PU. Cleaning and matte surface treatment of wire cutting molds, glass molds, tire molds, Daodian rubber molds, shoe molds, bakelite molds, electroplating molds, button molds, plastic product molds, and electronic product molds
    8. Machining of large work pieces
    Derusting, paint removal and maintenance of large workpieces such as oil tanks, chemical tanks, copper hull structures, iron houses, containers, and automobile industries. Large pieces of flat glass are automatically matte-finished and glass with a width of five feet to nine feet is processed at one time, and large aluminum plates are sandblasted, saving time and effort.
    "Quality-oriented, abide by credibility, customer first" is the business purpose, focusing on research and development and practice, after years of hard work, we have accumulated rich experience, and are highly praised and trusted by users. We warmly welcome customers to come to inquire!