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4Industry Information

1. Use the spray gun normally and adjust the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece:

When sandblasting, be sure to adjust the correct distance between the gun and the workpiece. Generally speaking, the effective distance between the gun and the workpiece is between 80mm and 130mm. The effective distance between the spray gun and the workpiece is between 200mm---400mm. Of course, it also depends on the actual situation of the workpiece. For example, the hardness of the workpiece is harder, the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece should be closer, the hardness of the workpiece is softer, and the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece should be farther. The pressure of sandblasting is higher, the distance between the gun and the workpiece is farther, the pressure of sandblasting is lower, and the distance between the gun and the workpiece is closer.

2. The best angle for sandblasting

Some users believe that holding the gun 90 degrees to blast the work surface is the best angle, but this is not the case. The real best sandblasting angle is 45 degrees. Only when the sandblasting angle is adjusted to 45 degrees, can sandblasting play its role most effectively.

3. Selection of consumables for sandblasting

In order to save costs, many customers use industrial river sand, as well as cheap quartz sand and ore sand. The cost of this kind of sand is relatively lower than that of professional sandblasting sand; after use, the sandblasting workshop is full of dust and sand, and the sandblasting equipment has a high wear rate, which is also very harmful to the workers. It seems to save money, but in fact it is a huge waste of cost. For example: the wear and tear of the machine, the physical injury of the worker, the environment of the factory, etc. It is recommended that the manufacturer must choose high-quality abrasives. Abrasives are generally divided into 3 grades, which are classified as follows: 3 grades - 3 grades - 2 grades - 2 grades - 1 grades and 1 grades. The price and quality of each grade are different, and users can choose according to their own circumstances.

Fourth, the maintenance of wearing parts

The parts where the sand flows normally are called wearing parts, and the most wear-resistant materials are used in the selection of wearing parts to minimize wear and tear. The wearing parts generally include: nozzle, main body of spray gun, sand nozzle, gas nozzle, sand pipe, gas pipe, sand return pipe, window glass, gloves, silica gel, etc. Users must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of wearing parts during use. If the wearing parts are found to be worn, they must be replaced in time.

Five, the choice of air compressor

The air compressor is an auxiliary equipment of the sandblasting machine and an indispensable power for sandblasting. The sandblasting machine also has very strict requirements on the selection of the air compressor, such as the flow rate of the air source, the drying purity of the air source, etc. Generally, a sandblasting gun with a nozzle of 8mm and a sandblasting pressure of 6kg requires a gas source with a flow rate of 0.8 cubic meters per minute. A spray gun at a flow rate of 1 cubic minute per minute, with a clean air supply. 2 guns are 2 cubic meters of flow per minute. The increase in the number of guns also increases the power of the air compressor in proportion.

6. Training of workers

Some sandblasting machines are manual sandblasting, and the operation is performed manually. For such a situation, there are high requirements for the operator; therefore, the sandblasting efficiency and sandblasting effect are in the hands of the sandblasting operator. Generally, such a situation will occur, and the majority of users can also avoid it according to different situations. The operator will repeat sandblasting on a certain part of the product, that is, 2 times of sandblasting. The workers are not familiar with the performance and operation of the sandblasting equipment, which will cause damage to the sandblasting equipment. When the worker replaces the wearing parts, he will also replace some available wearing parts together. Sandblasting and dust removal systems will not be installed with instructions for cleaning, etc.