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The PN junction inside the sandblasting machine is inevitably not affected by electrostatic induction, when it is used in the manufacture, assembly, screening, testing, packaging, storage, transportation of electronic products , when installed and used, an induced charge will be generated. If the charge is not released in time, a higher potential difference will develop across the two electrodes. When the charge energy reaches the load-bearing limit value of the automatic sandblasting machine (this is the antistatic index value of the automatic sandblasting machine), the charge will be released in an instant.

A discharge occurs in a very short time (nanosecond level) between the two electrodes of the sandblaster chip, and the discharge will be between the two electrodes (where the resistance value is small, usually around the electrode) conductive layer, The light-emitting layer and other internal substances of the chip generate local high temperature, the temperature is as high as 1400 ° C, the extremely high temperature melts the material layer between the two electrodes into a small hole, resulting in various abnormal phenomena of leakage, dead lights and dimming .

The antistatic ability of automatic sandblasting machine chips made by different enterprises, different processes, different substrates and different designs and manufactures is also very different, and the antistatic ability of the current market is also very different.

The antistatic level of the sandblaster has nothing to do with the packaging of the automatic sandblaster, it depends on the chip itself. Some businesses use Zener diode protection, an earlier remedy. At present, the chip cutting technology of automatic sandblasting machines is constantly improving, and this method gradually appears to be costly and poor in operability.

Once the company encounters accidents such as dead light leakage and dark light of the sandblasting machine, it often considers strengthening the electrostatic management of its own workshop, such as grounding, laying electrostatic table mats, ion fans, etc. , but this is not a radical solution, static is everywhere.