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The maintenance of the sandblasting machine under normal operation is very critical, which also gives a strong backing to the actual operators who use the sandblasting machine in the production line. If the front-line workers If a problem is found in the application of the sandblasting machine, it will harm the production volume of the production. If it is not technically professional, it will cause harm to the sandblasting machine. Therefore, in the company or myself using the sandblasting machine, technical professional maintenance personnel should be assigned, and they must be There must be a certain basic industrial equipment, so that the sandblasting equipment can be prevented, and the machinery and equipment can play a leading role in future production.

What are the general maintenance components of the sandblasting machine and the sandblasting room? Simply put, in the whole process of the sandblasting machine application, such as the key parts of the sandblasting machine, the sandblasting machine is very critical. The newly purchased sandblasting machine will have rubber pads installed in the working warehouse, but it will be damaged or damaged after a long time, so the personnel who maintain the sandblasting room must immediately replace or repair it. It can only be applied, otherwise the special thick steel plate for the sandblasting machine in the sandblasting machine will be leaked by the smoke and dust of the wear-resistant material for a long time, and other personnel will be injured in serious cases, so it must be maintained immediately. Sandblasting machine.

Also, the transmission device of the sandblasting machine, such as the electric motor of the transmission system of the sandblasting machine, should be oiled immediately or the heating problem should be checked immediately. If there is an abnormality, it should be dealt with immediately to ensure that the mechanical and electrical engineering part of the transmission system of the sandblasting machine is intact.