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    【Origin Pic】

    Steel Coil Automatic Sandblasting Machine

    Steel plate automatic sandblasting machine, steel coil automatic sandblasting machine, stainless steel plate coil sandblasting, assembly line sandblasting machine

    ◆Sandblasting the whole stainless steel coil

    ◆Steel blasting

    1) Machine debugging:

    2) Feeding:

    3) Conveying traveling sandblasting in the machine:

    4) After sandblasting, the product is out of the cabin:


    5) Check the finish and roughness :

    Flat conveyor sandblasting machine (pipeline sandblasting machine):

    It is suitable for sandblasting of flat type/large area/objects requiring high output.

    Especially suitable for sandblasting of glass, steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and aluminum parts

    Equipped with a frequency conversion controller, the sandblasting speed can be adjusted, and the moving speed is 3-5 meters per minute (based on product cleanliness). 6-12 sandblasting guns, each gun can be opened separately.

    Conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine

    Type 800-2000


    (Minicomputer can be customized according to product size)
    Continuous conveying type sandblasting machine works, the conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the needs, the processing quality is stable, the workpiece can be placed on the conveyor belt or the tool, the example of the spray gun and the swing range can be adjusted, and the switch can be automatically blasted. Production of objects used for sandblasting

    Set   Dust    Machine

    Power:  5HP or 7.5HP, exhaust air volume 75 cubic meters/min or exhaust air volume 90 cubic meters/min

    Voltage:   Three-phase 380V AC, total power 5.1KW or 6.8KW

    sandblasting gun

    6-12 (each gun can be switched on and off separately)  adjustable swing


    2 60W explosion-proof lights

    transfer speed

    0-5m/min Adjustable  Frequency conversion control speed regulation Need to ensure sandblasting permeability

    For your company's aluminum plate can be sprayed 0-8 sheets/min

    Occupies  Land  Area  Area

    2700(L)*1000(W)*2950(H)mm (this size is for 1200 type machine)

    Size can be modified  can be customized for small or mainframe

    Available  available  empty 

     1100(L)*1000(W)* 1000(H)mm (this size is for 1200 model)

    Air compressor power

    50HP or more