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    【Origin Pic】

    A-type sandblasting gun

    A-type aluminum alloy die-casting sandblasting gun, bright and polished surface, external rib sandblasting gun, trachea connection port diameter 13MM

    Sandblasting machine sandblasting gun is divided into ordinary pressure sandblasting gun and high-pressure sandblasting gun

    General pressure sandblasting guns are divided according to the shape of the gun body: A1 A2 A4 A5 type B type C type K type G type Carre type sandblasting gun carving type sandblasting gun, etc.,

    According to the connection method of the sand pipe, it is divided into ribbed type (the sand pipe is connected by the sand nozzle, and the throat hoop is locked) and the straight-in type (the sand pipe is directly inserted into the spray gun, the rose is locked, and the sand output is large).

    Magin produces all kinds of sandblasting guns for sandblasting, which are light and easy to use, feel good in hand, and have high wear resistance. At the same time, there are various models for selection. Welcome to sample selection and use.

    A-type sandblasting gun: commonly known as a large sandblasting gun with ears, the length of the rib opening of the nozzle sleeve from the air core inlet to the bottom of the gun body is 9CM, and the thickness of the gun body is about 3.6CM.
    The air core of the A-type sandblasting gun is thicker, and the sand material circulation space inside the gun body is small, which is suitable for the spraying of small particle sand materials.
    A-type sandblasting guns are classified into A1, A2, A4, A5, etc. according to the material.
    A-type sandblasting gun has two kinds of outer sleeve and inner sleeve according to the method of nozzle sleeve.

    A-type sandblasting gun Type A sandblasting gun spray Sand gun