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    【Origin Pic】

    B type sandblasting gun

    B-type aluminum alloy die-casting sandblasting gun has gradually replaced other styles of sandblasting guns due to its smooth sand production, wear resistance and good hand feeling. There are many types: B1 threaded sandblasting gun, B2 in-line sandblasting gun B3 internal thread quick-connect threaded type, B4 internal thread quick-connect direct plug-in type, B5 large direct plug-in interface, B6 internal thread large direct plug-in type

    The surface is bright and polished, the inner rib sandblasting gun, the diameter of the trachea connection port is 13MM    There are two kinds of in-line and ribbed.

    Sandblasting machine sandblasting gun is divided into ordinary pressure sandblasting gun and high-pressure sandblasting gun 

    High-pressure sandblasting guns are called high-speed sandblasting guns, double-inlet sandblasting guns, single-inlet sandblasting guns, and Venturi sandblasting guns.

    General pressure sandblasting guns are divided according to the shape of the gun body: A1 A2 A4 A5 type   B type C type   K type G type Carre type sandblasting gun carving type sandblasting gun, etc.,

    According to the connection method of the sand pipe, it is divided into:

    Ribbon type (The sand pipe is connected by the sand nozzle, and the throat hoop is locked)

    In-line type (The sand pipe is directly inserted into the spray gun, the rose is locked, and the sand output is large).

    Our company recommends the new export-specific sandblasting machine B-type in-line and ribbed aluminum alloy die-casting sandblasting gun. This gun has a bright appearance and looks like a stainless steel surface but has aluminum alloy

    It is light and easy to use, mainly this gun is set for export, without bubbles, it is made of aluminum alloy through a special process of one-time die-casting, quality assurance, long service life.

    The reliable choice for household replacement sandblasting guns.

    B-type sandblasting gun

    B-type sandblasting gun manufacturer