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    【Origin Pic】

    Stainless steel sandblasting surface cleaning to remove welding scar impurities

    Dongguan Meijun Sandblasting Equipment specializes in the manufacture and processing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and metal product surface pretreatment processing machinery - dry sandblasting machine, water sandblasting machine.

    Meijun dry sandblasting machine and water sandblasting machine are suitable for cleaning impurities on stainless steel surface, welding scar cleaning, color uniformity, aesthetic treatment, roughness treatment, bright surface treatment, acrylic treatment, etc.

    Meijun water sandblasting machine includes: negative pressure water sandblasting machine, high pressure water sandblasting machine, ultra-high pressure water sandblasting machine, different types of machines have different uses and processed workpieces.

    But in general, the same direction is sandblasting.

    Let's take a look at the pictures before and after sandblasting of stainless steel products and welding parts:

    Water blasting for stainless steel tank:

    After sandblasting

    Stainless steel sandblasting surface cleaning

    Machinery used for sandblasting stainless steel:

    Ultra-high pressure water blasting machine - quick cleaning of weld scars and welds

    Water Blasting

    High-pressure water sandblasting machine - cleaning surface with uniform color

    Negative pressure water sandblasting machine - beautiful, rust removal, uniform color

    Water Blasting Machine