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    【Origin Pic】

    Sandblasted glass beads

    Glass Beads (Advanced Shot Peening Grinding Glass Beads)

    Granularity  30 mesh 40 mesh 60 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh 120 mesh 150 mesh 180 mesh 200 mesh 220 mesh 280 mesh 320 mesh

    Specification comparison table:
    Mesh 7    8    10     12   14    16   18     20  & nbsp; 30 & nbsp; & nbsp; 35 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 40 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 45 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 50 & nbsp; & nbsp; 80 & nbsp; & nbsp; 100 & nbsp; & nbsp; 120 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 200 & nbsp;   325
    & Nbsp; mm 2.8 & nbsp; 2.36 & nbsp; & nbsp; 2 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1.7 & nbsp; 1.4 & nbsp; & nbsp; 1.18 & nbsp; 1.0 & nbsp; 0.85 & nbsp; 0.71 & nbsp; 0.6 & nbsp; 0.5 & nbsp; 0.425 & nbsp; 0.355 & nbsp; 0.3   0.18  0.15  0.125  0.075  0.045

    Meijun high-quality shot-peening glass beads: high hardness, high rounding rate, uniform particles, high brightness and strong stability after sandblasting.
    Made of high-quality materials, it has a certain mechanical strength, the content of SiO2 is greater than or equal to 68%, the hardness can reach 6-7 Mohs, and it has sufficient elasticity and is not easy to be broken after repeated use.

    The effect of the sprayed device is the same, the effect is obvious, the surface of the object is not damaged, and the service life is more than 3 times longer than that of ordinary glass beads.

    The uniformity is good, the rounding rate is greater than 80%, the particle size is uniform, and the air bubble content is extremely low.

    Suitable for high-end product mobile phone accessories sandblasting, aluminum alloy sandblasting, kitchen utensils sandblasting, stainless steel sandblasting, sanitary ware sandblasting and other surface treatment.

    Meijun shot blasting glass beads have the following advantages:

    1) It is an ideal sandblasting material for aluminum profiles and precious metals. The blasting surface is bright, beautiful and uniform;

    2) Made of non-alkaline soda lime glass material, it has good chemical stability and will not pollute the processed metal.

    3) It can speed up cleaning while maintaining the machining accuracy of the original object.

    4) The appearance is spherical particles, the surface is smooth, has a good finish, and meets the requirements of international and domestic standards

    Product Usage

    1. Matte surface treatment of stainless steel products;

    2. It is used for cleaning various molds;

    3. It can remove the tensile stress of various parts and increase the fatigue life;

    4. Cleaning and removing edge thorns before tinning of semiconductor devices and plastic packaging;

    5. Shot peening finishing of textile machinery and various hardware products;

    6. Enhanced finishing of high-end products such as mobile phone accessories and medical products. 

    Company Name:  Magin Dongguan Humen Meijun Wear-resistant Sandblasting Equipment Store  Tel: 076982261696  Mobile 13215392671

    Dongguan Meijun wear-resistant sandblasting equipment is a professional enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of sandblasting machine accessories, accessories and consumables. Efforts are made to reduce costs for manufacturers who use sandblasting machine accessories.