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    copper ore

    Dongguan Meijun sandblasting equipment sandblasting material wholesale manufacturer copper slag, copper slag, copper furnace sand, iron slag, iron furnace sand

    Copper ore sand, also known as copper slag and copper furnace sand: the appearance has glass crystals with no impurities, with hard particles, high rust removal efficiency by spraying, the roughness of the sprayed parts can meet the requirements of smoothness, and the dust is not harmful to the human body. Harmful, in line with sandblasting environmental protection requirements, low price and other main features. At present, it is an ideal spray material for derusting the surface of modern steel at home and abroad. Widely used in shipbuilding, machinery, metal casting, railway, bridge construction and other industries such as metal structures. The annual output can reach 100,000 tons, and various specifications of segment sand, particle size sand, etc. can be processed according to user needs.