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    【Origin Pic】

    4.5KW liquid water sandblasting machine

    4KWWater Sandblasting Machine (MG-SP4KP) is a sandblasting abrasive (such as brown corundum, white corundum, quartz sand, etc.) and liquid (water) as the medium, with compressed air (air compressor) ) is a kind of sandblasting equipment that sprays and cleans the surface of metal and non-metal workpieces.

    Scope of application: widely used in machinery, locks, electronic clocks, glasses, hardware tools, molds, glass, ceramics, handicrafts, medical equipment and other industries, can remove the oxide skin of casting blanks, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment and machined parts , residues and burrs, glass three-dimensional engraving, spraying and other processes. It has a beautiful effect of imitating alloy on the surface of clocks, glasses and other decorative objects. It is currently the ideal surface cleaning and refurbishment equipment.

    Our company's main environmental protection sandblasting equipment includes: wet sandblasting machine, negative pressure water sandblasting machine, water sandblasting equipment, environmental protection sandblasting machine, rust-removing sandblasting machine, stainless steel sandblasting machine, automatic sandblasting machine.

    1: Supporting mechanical equipment Sandblasting and derusting device consists of air compressor, air storage tank, oil-water separator, sandblasting machine, and high-pressure sandblasting hose. The specific supporting facilities are as follows:

    1: Equipped with 3 m3/min air compressor;

    2: One gas storage tank;

    3: 3 air filters (oil-water separator); 4

    4: One 0.3 cubic sand blasting machine.

    5: Several high-pressure sandblasting hoses and spray guns.

    Two: Flow chart of sandblasting machinery and equipment: air compressor - high pressure oil pipe - air storage tank - high pressure oil pipe - sand blasting machine - sand blasting pipe gun

    Water blasting machine, wet blasting machine, liquid blasting machine

    Three sandblasting process parameters:

    1: Compressed gas should choose 22kw air compressor.

    2: The purification degree of the compressed air can be tested by the following methods: Spray the compressed air on a piece of white paper for 20-30S, if there is no trace of oil or moisture left on the paper, the compressed air is considered to be clean and can be used for sandblasting Rust removal.

    3: Nozzle diameter: should be between 8 and 10mm.

    4: Spray distance: should be selected between 100 ~ 200mm.

    5: Spray angle: it should be between 30 and 75 degrees.

    Four: Sandblasting operation method

    1. Connect the sandblasting device and prepare the materials, start the air compressor, adjust the pressure at 0.6-0.7Mpa, and use a clean white cloth to test the compressed air flow at the nozzle to ensure that there is no oil stain or moisture.

    2 The operator puts on protective clothing, adjusts the ventilation, turns on the switch after the signal is turned on, and supplies air and sand to start spraying.

    3. Sandblasting should be evenly distributed, not too fast, so as not to leak and affect the quality. Welds, corners and complete parts of oxide skin should be sprayed with key points (welds should be flat, no ballast, no welding flash, and the convexity should be less than 3 mm).

    4 The compressed air used for sandblasting must be treated by cooling device and oil-water separator to ensure dry and oil-free compressed air. The oil-water separator must be cleaned regularly.

    5 When sandblasting, the compressed air should be dry, and there should be no moisture and oil pollution. The air filter should be replaced with packing regularly, and the air buffer tank and oil-water separator should be drained regularly.

    Water blasting equipment, blasting room sand collecting equipment, water-sand mixer

    MG-SP4KPWater SandblasterFeatures: Durable and non-corrosive

    ①The body is all made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is durable and will not corrode.

    ②A new type of non-charged air-controlled switch is used to control the sand pump and compressed air at the same time, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable;

    ③The design of the sand pump is reasonable, and the mixing evenly makes the surface of the sandblasted product even and beautiful, easy to start, long service life, and easy to maintain.

    ④ New and novel design, suitable for sandblasting of small and medium precision workpieces.

    ⑤The parts are safe and reliable, and there are few wearing parts.

    ⑥It is recommended to use finer glass beads, etc.!

    Scope of application of this machine:

    ①Suitable for liquid blasting

    ② Clean the oxide scale on the surface of heat-treated parts, welded parts, castings, forgings, etc., and the cleaning quality can reach Sa3 level

    ③Changing the stress state of the workpiece surface can improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts

    ④Clean up microburrs and surface residues of machined parts

    ⑤ Surface pretreatment before spraying and electroplating of workpiece can obtain active surface and improve the adhesion of sprayed electroplating layer

    ⑥It is difficult for other processing methods to complete the finishing of parts with small roughness Ra and complex shapes

    ⑦The surface roughness Ra value of the workpiece can be increased or decreased within a certain range

    ⑧Improve the lubrication conditions of the moving and matching parts, can reduce the motion noise of the moving and matching parts, etc. It can also be used for the renovation of old parts.

    Water blasting pictures, water blasting samples, stainless steel water blasting

    The difference between the wet sandblasting machine and the dry sandblasting machine is that the wet sandblasting machine places the sand material and abrasive in the water, mixes the water and sand together, and uses high-pressure gas to rapidly spray the object to be processed through the nozzle of the spray gun. so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the object. The dry sandblasting machine cannot mix sand and water. The wet sandblasting machine is much more efficient than the dry sandblasting machine, and the sand consumption is much less. It can also improve the cleanliness and smoothness of the surface of the processed object, and improve the surface It has high strength and adhesion, and does not pollute the environment, which is very environmentally friendly; the wet sandblasting machine is easy to install, does not require a separate workshop, and can be processed directly on the production line.